We believe that culture engages and inspires people to transcend boundaries. The connecting power of culture is essential for creating open, inclusice and multi-cultural societies, and as such is invaluable for building Asian-American.

Mission Statement

  1. Promote and develop Korean cultural activities that are appropriate for the local community in the United States
  2. "Enhance the understanding of the Korean culture’s uniqueness education Korean descendants and other people in and further propagating Korean culture, arts, manners, and food.
  3. Create sympathetic Korean culture by promoting understanding between young Korean and their parents, and between Korea and United States.
  4. Support cultural exchanges and networking between Korea and the United States and facilitate any other cultural and artistic activities
  5. Establish a center that teaches skills and provides job opportunities specifically for women

Our Activities

Since its inception, KCul has produced and participated in numerous cultural events and has been active in fundraising.

    May 11 ,2013 International Sister Cities Day Festival, Philadelphia Organized by Center City District and Citizen’s Diplomacy International, this event was held at the Sister Cities Park. Represented Incheon (Philadelphia’s Korean sister city), providing Korean language lessons, musical performance, and hanbok (traditional Korean costume) photo booth.

    February 27, 2014 Philadelphia Museum of Art Korean Fashion Show, Philadelphia Co-produced a hanbok fashion show on opening gala of Treasures from Korea: Arts and Culture of the Joseon Dynasty 1392-1910. Recruited a world renown hanbok designer, costume staff, and a group of 70 professional & volunteer models. The event budget was $25k, produced with support of Korean government, major Korean broadcasting company, and business sponsors.

    March 1, 2014 Finding a New Avenue of Fashion with Hanbok, Philadelphia Co-produced a seminar on the trend of hanbok in Korea and beyond at Drexel University.

    October 26, 2014 Won BonBon Cultural Festival, Wyncote Co-hosted a festival of Korean and Won Buddhism culture at Won Institute Graduate School.

    October 22, 2015 International Spring Festival, Blue Bell Presented a K-Pop (Korean pop music & dance) and NanTa (Korean traditional music and dance) performance during the annual International Spring Festival.

    November 2015 Philadelphia Asian American Film FestivalSupported the festival as a promotion partner and attended and made donations to events featuring emerging Asian American filmmakers.